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The Universe consists of endless potential and there is an abundance of everything. But for many centuries our lives were characterized by scarcity thinking and fighting over the visible. Prosperity was based on the principles of “taking away” and win-lose.

Ancient wisdom and modern physics alike have long since shown that things exist which are invisible to us humans and that there is an abundance of energy. “From abundance he took abundance, but still abundance remained!”

Visible matter originates from the “quantum soup” which is invisible to the human eye. Superior success in sports teams, businesses, families, and societies is based on team spirit, interpersonal relationships, corporate culture, and the applied values of a culture.

The most successful enterprises evolved from an idea, from the creation of something that didn't exist before. Constructive creation is only possible in a real flow-state. It is this insight that has made modern companies like Google so successful. And so it is little wonder that the highest rated companies at the stock exchange didn't even exist 20 years ago.

Win-Lose creates single-sided prosperity at the expense of others and a life in fear for all. Lose-Lose, as in the classic wars of the roses, only leads to loss and pain. Win-Win, in an upward spiral, aims towards prosperity and a constructive future. Win-Win is based on love, and on the joy of questioning popular assumptions and pursuing the truth.

Only Pursuit of Truth leads to Pursuit of Happiness. Only then the human being takes centre stage and limitless prosperity becomes possible.

Competition is for amateurs,
Creation is for professionals.

(Bob Proctor)

Winning for Life®

Some call it “living in the red ocean” vs. “living in the blue ocean.” But there's much more to it. We call it Winning for Life®!

The future belongs to a constructive service society. Governments and businesses will have to adapt. The consciousness level of all those involved is rising. We are now realizing that solutions for the future are to be found in a perfect balance of three levels: the material level (the clearly visible), the emotional and (un-)conscious intention, and the level of creation (from the energy and consciousness fields).

Fair Exchange is a more solid model for the future. Purpose-Driven Profit will allow for an unprecedented growth and a prosperity that we're not even able to imagine today. No land of plenty, but conditions like in paradise.The best is yet to come!

Winning for Life® needs a Winning Spirit. There is no education for this at school, in society or in most businesses, although there are measurable results. For the time being, this insight is only being applied on a large scale in the world of sports. This is why WIN-WIN AG offers you the know-how and the do-how.

Winspiration® Consulting

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Wolfgang G. Sonnenburg

Wolfgang G. Sonnenburg
Purpose-Driven Profit

Wolfgang G. Sonnenburg has had a number of deep transformations that have shaped his journey from Tax Lawyer to Entrepreneur and Expert for Intrinsic Motivation. With a broad spectrum of know-how and do-how, he has made millions as a businessman and investor. Today, as an author and Initiator of the worldwide Winspiration Movement, he campaigns for a Win-Win Society. Wolfgang is convinced that the transition to the next level of a society of transparency can only be achieved through transformative processes, best expressed by his motto “The best is yet to come!”

Patricia Sonnenburg

Patricia Sonnenburg
Holistic Health & Fitness Professional

After more than a decade in the banking industry, she broke out of the 9-to-5 world, followed her passion to become a Certified Specialist in Health & Fitness and proceeded to further her expertise in Energy & Sound Healing. She uses different tools to help people clear emotional baggage which can result in many health and life issues. As a transformational coach, Patricia takes an intuitive healing approach to help you truly love your body, release weight easily for good and create a healthy relationship with yourself and with food.

Priska Portmann

Priska Portmann
Head Coach

Priska is a Business Economist, Expert for Mergers, Mental Coach and Consultant for Cultural Change. As an expert on mindset, personal growth and the implementation of mental laws, Priska helps individuals, teams and companies change their thinking habits and push their limits to unfold their potential and achieve the results they want.

Britta Bauer

Britta Bauer
Performance optimization & team energy

As a coach and player, Britta Bauer won the German Hockey Championship and many other sports medals in her lifetime. She knows how to empower people and teams so that they achieve top results: She is our “Master Maker” and accompanies each individual to their own life goal championship – physically, mentally and energetically.

Steven Harvey

Steven Harvey
Spa & Wellness Director

A results-oriented, innovative Spa & Wellness Professional, Steve brings more than a decade of experience from some of the world’s leading spas. As a Holistic Healer and Life & Relationship Coach, he has treated many celebrities such as Bruce Willis, Donna Karan and Roger Federer, to name a few. With his expertise, he is sure to help you on your way to new limits and a win-win attitude.

Dr. Jürgen Karsten

Dr. Jürgen Karsten
WISSART® Creator

“There are no coincidences!” - Economist and Former Executive Committee in the ETL Group, Dr. Karsten developed a crystal-clear method that helps to create “coincidences” consciously and create success. He enriches our work at Win-Win AG above with all his extra experience which he has gained since publishing his books Das Mentalprinzip und Quintessenz: No Limits!

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